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Ron Hill

Rest Days: Are they the most important part of a training plan?

Physiotherapist, Thomas Osborne of JRM Physiotherapy sets out some important advice for athletes about rest days.   It’s so easy to get sucked into quite an intense training routine – we get used to our schedules of training that fit neatly into our working and family lives, and before we know it we are happily in a cycle of work-train-sleep-repeat. Why break this cycle? It’s easy to assume that as our bodies become conditioned we should be thinking about introducing […]

heat or cold for pain or injury

Heat or Cold? Which is best?

Heat or Cold? Which is best for pain and injury? This is one of the most common questions that physiotherapists get asked. Both heat and cold treatments can be extremely effective for pain and injury if used correctly and at the right time. Physiotherapist Jonny McLean from JRM Physiotherapy sets out some advice below. As a general rule:– If there is visible swelling, use ice.– If your injury is recent (within 6 weeks) use ice.– If there is stiffness or […]