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JRM Physiotherapy

Providing friendly & experienced physiotherapy for Huddersfield & the Holme Valley

“It is our ambition to help our clients lead a more active and fulfilling life, and support those who are in training to rise to the challenge and reach their athletic potential.

Our treatments and Services

Physiotherapy treats injuries without the use of drugs, by correcting and improving the body’s natural healing mechanisms. To complement traditional physiotherapy treatments, our experienced team also offer acupuncture for smoking cessation and weight loss, sports massage to support injury prevention and peak athletic performance.

Strains and sprains can occur when we least expect it during day to day activities at work or at home. Discomfort caused by injury and constant niggling pain can lead to stress, poor posture, anxiety and depression, so it is important for treatment to start as early as possible.


Physiotherapy treats injuries without the use of drugs. We can treat most spinal conditions, musculo-skeletal problems, soft tissue and muscle injuries...


Acupuncture is one of the treatment techniques we use, when appropriate, as part of the integrated approach we have for the management of pain, inflamation...

Sport-specific screening

Sport-specific Screening in order to identify and treat common postural problems and muscle imbalance’s that can lead to more serious injury and compromise performance...


"I booked into see Jon for knee, back and shoulder problems due to falls out running, years of horse riding and above all bad posture! Jon provides excellent treatment in a calm, friendly and professional manner. His diagnosis is always first class and you notice immediate improvement, his manipulation is controlled yet painless and he is very clear in establishing goals. I have recommended Jon to many friends and will continue to do so." - PD

Specialists in Sports Injury and Rehabilitation