At JRM Physiotherapy we recognise that a multidisciplinary approach is sometimes the best way to support your wellbeing and performance. Our highly qualified HCPC registered podiatrist, Sarah Macdonald, works alongside our physiotherapists to offer a range of podiatry services from our private Meltham clinic.  Podiatrists (previously known as chiropodists) are HCPC registered healthcare professionals who have undergone extensive specialist training in diagnosis and treatment of abnormal conditions of the foot and lower limb. At JRM Physiotherapy we are passionate about keeping you active and mobile, and podiatry often plays a key role in preventing and correcting deformity, relieving pain, and treating infection. Sarah can also use our specialist equipment and biomechanical assessment to advise you about how to look after your feet and prevent future issues, alongside offering treatments for day-to-day foot problems.

Treatments offered include: biomechanical assessments, bespoke orthotics and insoles, verruca treatment, foot health advice, diabetic foot assessment & care, nail care, and nail surgery.

Prices for Podiatry Treatment:

Initial assessment £38* (60 mins) 

Follow-up treatment £28* (30 mins)

Routine nail-cutting £15 (15 minutes) – please note clients must attend an initial assessment before their first nail cutting appointment to establish suitability for this service. Initial assessments last up to 60 minutes and cost £38*

Surgical procedures – price upon request

* discount for OAPs and under 16s.